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COMPREHENSIVE VOCATIONAL PROFILE                                                                                              Vocational Services Referral Form

A Comprehensive Vocational Profile is an in-depth evaluation of a client who is unable to fully benefit from a Limited or Comprehensive Vocational Evaluation. The profile is based on a file review and client interview as it provides insight to client abilities, strengths, limitations and support systems for clients who have had very little or no work history. The evaluation clearly determines training, support and accommodations recommended for successful employment.

In addition, the Comprehensive Vocational Profile provides effective job matching recommendations without relying on traditional measurement instruments. A format composed of open-ended categories allows for each person to be described in a unique manner. The profile is used to provide information about the strengths, preferences, needs and barriers of the client when these are not evident given the severity of the disability. This evaluation provides detailed information related to the client’s activities of daily living, emotional functioning, independent living needs and accommodations for home and work.

MTBM Global Rehabilitation Consultants, Inc. employs Professional Vocational Evaluators with 17 years of experience to administer assessments in areas of academic achievement, aptitude testing, intelligence testing, interest inventories, etc.